The Band


Matthew Cox

Drums, Lead Vocals


Charlie Sleep 

Keys, Guitar, Vocals


Dustin Thompkins

Bass, Vocals


Piet Dalmolen

Guitar, Vocals

Rooted on the beautiful redwood coast of Northern California, The Undercovers are a four piece group of multi-instrumentalists that formed together in 2014 with the like mind to start a different kind of cover band.  “We saw the need for a cover band that could play more than just Mustang Sally and Brown eyed girl.” They wanted to be a band that everyone, young and old, could enjoy. The Undercovers bring a youthful energy to the stage that keeps the party moving all night.  That, coupled with an eclectic list of songs that span the generations, it really puts The Undercovers in a class all their own.  Playing everything from AC/DC to Bruno Mars, Led Zeppelin to Notorious B.I.G.  This definitely isn't your dads cover band.


Quickly moving up the ranks of established cover bands in their area, The Undercovers have won three battle of the bands competitions and placed highly in The Point 100.3FM annual classic cover contest.  Striving to keep their live shows fresh and entertaining, The Undercovers play a different set every night.  “We really try to read the crowd and give ‘em what they want.”  With well over 200 songs under their belts, you can expect the unexpected at every performance.  Whether it’s a wedding or birthday party, casino or bar gig, The Undercovers have the experience and versatility to accommodate even the most discerning crowds and leave them wanting more.


Having shared the stage with bands like Buckcherry, Zeparella, 38 Special, and Cheech and Chong. Debuting in Seattle for the first time at The Hard Rock Cafe. The Undercovers have the experience and know how to make every event they play dynamic and a one of a kind experience.


So if you're looking to get out and have a night on the town listening to world class musicians, or are looking for the best band for your wedding reception or birthday celebration, look no further than the award winning band The Undercovers.  But don’t just take our word for it, listen to what local club owners and others that have chosen The Undercovers for their special event have to say